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If activity of the feathered kind is what you are yearning, then Malurus is right in the thick of it. With water, grassland, rainforest and dry woodland habitats (just to name a few), located right on the Malurus property, it is no wonder Malurus is a haven for birds. See our Fauna Diary tab for the species checklist and photographs. If you record a new species for Malurus, or take a fantastic photograph, we would love to include it on our database and have you blog about it through the Malurus Blog.

Of approximately 760 Australian bird species, give or take a few migratory ones, we have recorded just over 100. That is just over 12%! If you are interested in bird-watching in comfort, then Malurus is where you should take your getaway.

In fact, we maintain our own bird list database – see the Fauna Diary tab. If you are a serious twitcher and missing just one or two birds, search our database to see if you are likely to observe it at Malurus.


Lake Tinaroo is known for its massive barramundi. Aussie barra provide great sport fishing if you are lucky enough to land one! A permit is required, but easily arranged.

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Waterskiing and Wakeboarding

Such a great family activity. With direct access to the lake from the shores of Malurus, pick up the boat directly from our pontoon and take a ride with a qualified water-ski instructor.


Swim either in Lake Tinaroo or at one of the many stunning Crater Lakes, which are only a short drive away.

Platypus Spotting

One of the most amazing animals in Australia can be seen at Malurus. We usually have a large male resident in the gully, but recently we have noticed a smaller ?female. These animals appear quite unafraid, and will delight you with a bout of up close belly-scratching if you are lucky. They are usually seen from about 5pm and up until about 8am.

Bushwalking and Exploring

Walking slowly around Malurus may take several hours. Spotlighting at night reveals a plethora of critters, from small rodents to larger marsupials. There are also many great walks within a short drive from Malurus. For your convenience we have provided the book of Tropical Walking Tracks which details the public walking tracks throughout the region.

Relaxing is an option too of course

For details on activities in the local area, or how to go about arranging some of the activities mentioned on this page, see and for details.


Fishing Lake Tinaroo




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