Malurus Luxury Retreat

Retreat to this luxury holiday house on the shores of Lake Tinaroo, Atherton Tablelands, Queensland, Australia

Nestled on eight acres of remnant bushland, Malurus is a simply designed, carefully detailed home which optimises views over Lake Tinaroo. Malurus is open, tranquil and transparent to experience warmth, breezes, water, quiet and seclusion. On cool winter nights, sit around the open fire-pit and toast marshmallows, whilst feeling a world away from the creature comforts that exist only a few metres behind you.

Malurus has a modern image with clean lines, large overhangs, an operable expanse of glass opening onto external living combined with the use of warm, natural materials such as sandstone and blackbean timber.

Extensively landscaped gardens are planted exclusively with native Australian flora. Abundant fauna make use of the ever-present flowers, presenting guests with the perfect opportunity to obtain close-up photography of some of Australias most beautiful birds. Not to mention the other unique wildlife that inhabits the waters of Lake Tinaroo at Malurus.

Truly your unique getaway experience


The property name ‘Malurus’ was inspired by the red-backed fairy-wren, Malurus melanocephalus, who is a common visitor during the day.

He is a cheeky little wren, often accompanied by several females.

You can often hear the wren troupe coming by their high pitch whistling calls long before you see them.

The wren is also featured in wrought iron on the front gate, which was built locally in Cairns.

Luxury, private family accommodation is our aim, offering you a relaxing lake-front getaway.

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